How to Celebrate a Holiday Part 2: Gravy Jr’s Guide to St. Patrick’s Day

19 Mar

I went to open the door, and it was stuck; or rather, something was blocking it. I leaned in closer and heard the distinct half snore of an exhausted toddler. He had fallen asleep against the door, again.  As I gently reached around to slide him away, allowing me to open the door enough to slip inside his room, it occurred to me – my 3 year old had just celebrated St. Patrick’s Day afternoon the same way many adults would be spending their evenings:

  • Drink copious amounts of punch
  • Run around the house singing unintelligibly
  • Accuse a stuffed rabbit of crimes against a Batman figurine

And finally

  • Fall asleep, naked from the waist down, on the floor of your bedroom with a spider man blanket over your head

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone.

If you missed my first guide to celebrating a holiday, go here.


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